I Am Not A Statistic

Education, a safe home, & knowing you matter.

Three crucial elements to a happy childhood, that are not guaranteed. Especially in India. That's where we come in.

India is home to 25 million orphans. More than 65 million Indian citizens live in slums. Being an orphan in India, or growing up in an impoverished slum, destines you for one of three childhoods: begging in the streets, forced child labor, or prostitution

Changing the world is simple. Positively impact one person, and you've already changed their world.

When the number of kids affected by these horrific situations is in the millions, it's easy to not know where to begin. I Am Not A Statistic is here to prove that even though these numbers are overwhelming, we are still talking about real people. People with hopes and dreams. Kids who feel hopelessly forgotten. Kids who are more than a number. Kids who are Not A Statistic.


Meet Nikitha.

I want to help people with less than me.
— Nikitha, age 9

On the day she moved in to the orphanage, Nikitha was asked what she wants to do when she grows up.

She confidently answered, "I want to help people with less than me." This is big. We are talking about a 9 year old child who - just moments before - had absolutely nothing. No family. No home. The moment she is given a chance to thrive, the first thing she wants to do is help others.

These girls are the next generation of global game changers.

They lived the issues first hand, and now they are eager to take action.