I am so excited to announce that after over one year of fundraising, I Am Not A Statistic has raised enough funds ($28,500!!) to open our first orphanage in India for 25 girls! I know that I haven't kept up with posting on the blog, but that's because I have been focusing my time on the fundraising aspect, and I hope you all understand.

Now, it is official that this summer, 25 lives will be saved - thanks to each and every one of you! I have learned so much through this process of fundraising, and met so many wonderful people ( Mitch Albom, Shama and Tiffany at Chai Tea Party, everyone at Detroit Soup to name a few :) ). 

All that is remaining before the orphanage opens this summer is raising $4,000 to cover the expenses for the fresh water well, clothes, shoes, and school supplies for the girls. Let's do this!!!

Thank you everyone!



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