This is me, Sophia Kapur, on the day the orphanage opened. I founded I Am Not A Statistic two years ago, when I was 15. It all started when my dad and I traveled to his home country of India. My goal? Connect with my Indian heritage. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Words can't describe how I felt face-to-face with India's extreme poverty. It's intense. Overwhelming. Going back to life as normal was certainly out of the question. And with that, I Am Not A Statistic began.

I've learned that changing the world is simple. Positively impact one person, and you've already changed their world. If everyone just does a little bit of good, the world's issues wouldn't be nearly as big. That's what I Am Not A Statistic is. My little bit of good.

Sophia xx

Before the Orphanage

In 2015, I Am Not A Statistic supported a school just outside of New Delhi. This school educates the homeless children of migrant workers, who would otherwise roam the streets alone while their parents work. All 52 students received their very own school supplies, and the teachers were grateful to be given dictionaries, flashcards, and other teaching-aids to help the kids learn.